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Easy Tape

Easy Tape

Easy Tape


Paiho Easy Tape patent numbers:
Germany PAT.NO:299919338.1  France PAT.NO:9914560
Japan PAT.NO:3064277  China PAT.NO:380391
Comparison of Easy Tape and traditional hook and loop tape:
Ultra-light, ultra-thin, and super strong shear strength (at least 1000g/cm2 on average).
Dense hook and loop closure, with merely 1mm gap (2-3mm for traditional tape).
The hooks of Easy Tape are more delicate and make garments look and feel better.

The reverse side can be printed to enhance brand image and upgrade products.

Products can look more delicate by using high frequency welding in addition to traditional stitching.


Comparative illustration of Easy Tape and traditional tape:
Traditional hook and loop New patented molded hook “Easy Tape”
Woven with nylon mono filament yarn

The closure is as thick as 3.3mm.

Yarn comes off easily after trimming, which makes edges look ragged.

The continuously molded hook tape has stable
quality and high precision.

The delicate hook has strong shear strength and
makes dense closure.

No stitching is needed; high frequency welding to
create different styles.

Suitable industries: automobiles, garments, 3C,
hand tools, backpacks, shoes, and medical devices.


Easy Tape applications(A)

Car seat assembly straps

Grinding machines

Medical usage


Power cord fasteners/
Cable Tie


Easy Tape applications(B)
3C Cable Ties Applications
Sports Wear Applications
Medical Card Applications
Personal Sanitary Applications
Decoration & Gardening Applications
Infant Articles & Toys Applications
Automoblie Applications
Applications to Apparel &Shoes


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